Calling all filmmakers, and distributors.

Eorbi is a platform designed to connect content owners with their audiences on a really intimate level. This forms a deeper connection with your audiences, gives you insight on what’s working and what’s not, and opens up a world of marketing possibilities.

Our goal is to be the bridge between you and your audience in a way never seen before. You can have you cast members host a show as a marketing event that could lead to better sales on EST and other VOD platforms, or you can partner with us to let other streamers host events using your content to create another revenue stream.

You've probably got some questions!

And we've probably got the answers! 😉

How do we get paid?

Eorbi is a platform for ticketed, live screenings of the movie. You set the date, time and price of the event. After the event has occurred, we process the sales generated from the event, deduct our service fees and transfer directly to your account!

How are my movies handled?

When you set up a premiere, we’ll send you a content upload link that allows you to send us your Movie. It’s uploaded to our servers and made available on our content delivery network for the event. After the event, if you have not scheduled any more events, the content will be deleted.

How much do I pay?

For every livestream you host, Eorbi takes a small fee from your admission sales. These fees vary depending on the movie, the host and the expected number of participants. We’d love to talk with you to share more information!

How do we market our events?

Marketing the event is your responsibility, although our platform does provide great exposure for your films. That being said, once you set up a livestream, we'll provide you with a marketing link that you and your team can share on social media to allow people to purchase tickets to your event.

You’re the missing piece to our puzzle. ❤️

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