About us

Eorbi is an entertainment technology company based out of Albany, NY. We create exciting new products that revolutionize how you watch and engage with your favorite films. With Star Premiere, our platform allows you, the fans, to connect with your favorite actors and watch your favorite movies to experience them in a way never possible before.

As a company we work for each and every one of you. We want to make the best possible watching experience for you the audience, and a world-class exhibition platform for filmmakers.

We are still a new company, so please don't hesitate to send us an email pointing out our opportunities for improvement, problems you encounter, features you need, and general feedback you think should be brought to our attention.

Although Star Premiere is our first product, our goal is to build a platform for everybody. We are focused on you and will continue to bring you new and exciting ways to experience content. So join us on this journey, and enjoy the show!

Meet our team

Photo for Yarid Asher

Yarid Asher



I oversee the vision of Eorbi, and help transform the way we watch movies!

Photo for Luigi Battaglioli

Luigi Battaglioli


CTO and Co-Founder

I oversee product development and design, and help bring our vision to life!

Photo for Zain Ahmed

Zain Ahmed


Senior Engineer

I work with our development team to build the future of entertainment!

Photo for Muhammad Tanveer

Muhammad Tanveer


Mobile Engineer

I'm working on building a mobile app for Eorbi to make it even easier to watch your favorite films from anywhere!

Photo for Sierra Mosley

Sierra Mosley


Marketing Lead

I help Eorbi grow by helping us find new ways to market our products!

Photo for Lauren Cappola

Lauren Cappola



I oversee Eorbi's marketing team, and work to get more people excited about Eorbi!